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Territory~ Pg 01

24th Jun 2014, 8:18 AM in Territory~
Territory~ Pg 01
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 24th Jun 2014, 8:18 AM
Oh, look, I'm not dead.
Finally finished inking this page, and I've nearly finished the rest of this chapter as well (I'm working on building up a nice buffer so that this hiatus from dA doesn't happen so often. I don't really like to come on here if I have nothing to upload!
This page is fairly tame, so it doesn't get the mature content flag, but future pages MIGHT. I haven't decided yet.

If you're wondering why this page looks so weird, it's because I used the wrong pen for the boxes encasing the text.
And yes, this chapter is going to go to several different regions.
But it's a short chapter.
So I'm off to find an eraser so that I can actually finish the rest of these pages, and then I'm going to move on to the next chapter.

I may or may not post the next page tomorrow; it really depends on whether or not I can find an eraser.
I most likely will, though.