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Territory~ Pg 04

27th Jun 2014, 10:37 AM in Territory~
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Territory~ Pg 04
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Haru Bells 27th Jun 2014, 10:37 AM edit delete
Here's a basic breakdown of the different region creatures:
-Rock Golems are generally peaceful. If they hurt anything, it's generally by accident or in self defense. They are also shockingly fragile, as you can see here, because they are easy to...well, take apart. Removing the head kills them. They live at the base of the mountain and volcano. They don't do well against the water or plant creatures.
-Water...things...are vicious, and will not hesitate to attack things that they see as weak, or that they have an elemental advantage over. The design of their mouths are actually inspired by Stitch and Toothless. HAHAHAHAHA. They live in the river, lake, and ocean. They don't do well against plant or electric creatures, but they will team up with other creatures against shared strengths, as sen on this page.
-Air Griffins are incredibly peaceful creatures. They live closest to the City of the Clouds, as they are often at the top of the mountain. If something attacks them, they will attempt to flee rather than fight back. Their only weapons are their beaks and some retractable claws in their hind legs. They don't do well against electric creatures or rock golems, but the golems aren't a problem, as they actually live in relative harmony.
-Fire...things...also vicious, but they won't attack unless provoked. They live in the volcano. Their original designs featured wings, but I removed them because that wouldn't make much sense, as they are not air creatures. They don't do well against water creatures or rock golems, although they are mainly at odds with the water creatures. Like the Air griffins, they actually live in relative peace with the golems.
-Plant bear things with the honeycombs on their backs are NORMALLY peaceful, but once the war started, they didn't hesitate to attack other regions. They live in the forest between the mountain and volcano, and at the border of the water region. They don't do well against the fire things or the air griffins, but since the griffins are peaceful, they aren't a problem.
-Electric bunny things are fairly vicious, although they won't generally attack unless provoked. They aren't very strong, so they mainly attacked the griffins in the war, since the water creatures would be able to take them out based on size and ferocity alone. They prefer to attack from a distance, so the griffins' tendency to flee wasn't a problem at all. They don't do well against anything because of their size, but their real weaknesses are the rock golems and the plant bear things.
-And, of course, the Angels. They don't have any specific weaknesses. Perhaps their greatest weakness is their apparent intelligence, and their lack of any way to fight.
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