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Rions~ Pg 03

23rd Feb 2013, 9:43 AM in Rions~
Rions~ Pg 03
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 23rd Feb 2013, 9:43 AM
Aah, the Rions. Just so you know, they are just balls of energy. And they aren't really important to the story. It just helps lead into the next chapter, and it shows how Seven Creates (although she Creates in the next chapter as well.)

Also, her creating the City wasn't Creating like this; it was just manipulating the clouds with everyday magic. THIS is Creating, which requires her "god" powers. Although, she's not God. Heavens no. She's not even really A god, but she (and the other six Cosmos) are kind of like this universe's version of...Jesus. All the powers of a god, but not, you know, the Big Man himself. For instance, they definitely don't have unlimited use of their powers (come now, they aren't cheaters OR Sues/Stus!) They can only use so much power in one sitting before they can't use anything--to the point where they can't even do much with wizardy-magics besides simple magic tricks you can see in Vegas. Plus, it does take a while for their powers to replenish; if they get to the point where they can barely do magic, it can take hours...even days to replenish their powers......which becomes important later on.

Not to mention that Seven using her powers has an affect on her that the other Cosmos don't experience....something we will actually get to see in the next chapter, if only for a moment!!