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Rions~ pg 04

26th Feb 2013, 10:20 AM in Rions~
Rions~ pg 04
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Haru Bells 26th Feb 2013, 10:20 AM
I actually didn't even remember until just a few minutes ago that today is Tuesday, and Tuesday means updates.
Also, here is where the Rions officially get their names.
They are called Rions because the constelation Orion. Yes, there is a recurring space theme here.
They aren't solidly colored because they aren't supposed to be solid black. They are supposed to have spots of white light, like stars.
Since they are a concentration of the energy of Light and Dark (stars=light, space=dark)
They are actually part of a more broad species of small energy concentrations known as "Sprits" (sprih-tss; like "spirit," but without the "ee" sound "i"). Each of the Cosmos created a number of their respective Sprits.
Seven is the only one kind enough to give her specific Sprits a name.
And yes, Rions and Sprits, like Cosmos and Stars (when referring to the beings, not the things in space) are capitalized. However, Rions and Sprits being capitalized (as well as Humans and Angels etc) is for continuity, whilst Cosmos and Stars is to separate them from stars and the cosmos of space.