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Rions~ Pg 07

5th Mar 2013, 3:09 PM in Rions~
Rions~ Pg 07
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Haru Bells 5th Mar 2013, 3:09 PM
And that's it for chapter three!
Wow, this is going at a pretty good pace. I'm happy with this. Since it feels like just yesterday I was posting the cover of chapter one thinking "I probably won't finish this, it will probably end up like Remembering Sunday and Painting Flowers (some really old comics from my deviantART, that were put on eternal hiatus), but I really hope it doesn't because this story actually means something to me, because I get really philosophical about it, and it needs to be told, and feels, man, feels!"

I'm going on my (high school) senior retreat tomorrow, and it's an overnight thing. So I will still update with chapter four's cover, omake, and first page on Thursday, it's just that the earliest I will be able to do so will be about 5:45, if there isn't traffic. So you will all have to be very patient, okay?