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7th Jan 2013, 11:00 PM in Origen~
Origen~ Pg 01
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Haru Bells 7th Jan 2013, 11:00 PM
Page one of Shameless is an introduction page for the seven Cosmos. It's also a spoiler on their names. Not that that's important. The Cosmos besides Seven don't get their personalities really explored much (cuz they have none besides being a bunch of jerkoffs; will be explained later.)

There are, of course, a few people (who I talk to outside of DA, mainly) that already know the basics of Seven's history. They don't, however, know the dark and sad details. My goal is for her backstory to have the tearjerking-yet-hilarious effect that Key/Visual Arts visual novels/anime had on my and thousands of others.

So, since the only character of these seven who really matters is, well, Seven (and, to some extent, the one in the third panel, Sansora), I guess I'll give you all a bit of insight into them. (in order)
-Ichiro- The Cosmo of Rock and Metal. "He" is the jerkiest of the jerkoffs. I use quotations around he, because the only Cosmo who really has a gender is Seven. The others just have minor characteristics that slightly resemble gender features for convenience for the reader/me to imagine their voices. Anyway, Ichiro (which comes from "Ichi," meaning "one," and "ROck." He's an ass. Seriously.
-Mizuni- The Cosmo of Water (obviously). I really really love "her" design. She was a pain in the butt to design, but still. She's also rather bitchy. Her name comes from "Mizu," meaning (you guessed it) "water," and "ni," meaning, obvously, "two"
-Sansora- The Cosmo of Wind. Aah, Sansora. I freaking loved designing him. His design is inspired by the Celestials from Okami ( Also, the "hair" is supposed to look like a bird's tail feathers. His name comes from "San" (three) and "Sora" (sky). Ironically, his realm isn't in the sky, but among mountains...
-Hitoshi- The Cosmo of Fire. It was rather hard coming up with is name. I couldn't use "Hishi" or "Shihi." Though I suppose I could have used "Yonhi" or "Hiyon"... It was also hard coming up with his design. His "hair" is a dragon-like tail (cuz dragons traditionally breathe fire, get it?) and a crest/nonremovable helmet shaped like a large flame. His name comes from "Hi" (fire) and "Shi" (four), with a "to" thrown in the middle so that his name wouldn't sound silly.
-Hanago- The Cosmo of Plants. I HATE HER NAME. And her in general. BUT MOSTLY HER NAME. Comes from "Hana" (flower) and "Go" (five)
-Churoku- The Cosmo of Electricity. I'm not too fond of her design. But, I did what I could. Obviously, her design incorporates metallic aspects, such as the "Helmet" on her head, and the magnet. Because most metals conduct electricity. Therefore, if the Cosmos besides Seven could feel love, she and Ichiro would totally hook up. Her name comes from "Chu" (as in PikaCHU) and "Roku" (six)
-Seven Shirokami- The Cosmo of Light and Dark. Her name is Seven as in 7, and "Shirokami" as in "White Wolf" (which becomes important later)


Haru Bells 5th Mar 2013, 3:25 PM
/Everything becomes important later