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Angels~ Pg 05

12th Mar 2013, 3:12 PM in Angels~
Angels~ Pg 05
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 12th Mar 2013, 3:12 PM
Just note: Seven didn't ask Dawn's name to be polite, or because that's what people do. She asked because she was curious.

Presenting Dawn Inurei!! And, as promised, the random facts about her!
-Actually, she used to be a human form of Amaterasu from Okami. But obviously that had to change. So I cut the ears and tail, changed her hair a bit, and voila!
-She (like most characters) has a hair trait that sets her apart from the other characters, aside from hair color. She has the curls and those awkward parted bangs. Yet she's still pretty cute.
-Her name is Dawn because she's a morning person. Inurei because she likes dogs. Or maybe she was a dog in a past life at one point. Those curls do look like they could he dog ears. If you take away the curls at the end, that is. (note: this is just me rambling; her last name is Inurei because, like I said, she was initially a human form of Amaterasu)
-She has white hair and dark brown eyes. (Furthering her dog resemblance; most dogs have dark brown eyes, and many breeds can have white fur)
-I forgot to draw her wing in the last panel until I had already inked her hair. SHHHHHH.
-Seven looks up to and respects her. The respect is mutual.
-Dawn is kind of like an older-sister figure. I think I've unintentionally based some of her personality traits off of my friend Bethany, because I apparently can't NOT base a character off of someone I know in real life. :I
-She's a background character.