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Memories and Illusions~ Cover

23rd Mar 2013, 9:55 PM in Memories and Illusions~
Memories and Illusions~ Cover
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 23rd Mar 2013, 9:55 PM
SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE! I didn't have the pages done ahead of time, so I had to hurry up and finish them today! I was coloring them allllll day long! But it's still Saturday, so technically it isn't late!!

Fun fact: The Taiyou brothers can't stand each other. That goes for all three of them, but it's most obvious with these two. In the old comics, it was sibling rivalry over a girl. And that will probably still come out a bit in Actors, since that was literally how Illusion was introduced. (the excuse was that he had been away on an abroad trip thing for school, and Memory never talked about him because Memory hates Illusion. One of the characters saw his name on a sign up sheet for a play, and one of the characters (Memory's love interest, actually XD) said "Oh, yay, he's back!!" and Memory screamed "MY LIFE IS OVER." Fun times followed.)

Anyway, this is the first chapter that has more than one character on the cover! It's also the first chapter that doesn't have Seven on the cover!! Memory looks so cute here, and Illusion looks so sexy. That's their "thing," you know? They're your typical TV brothers, actually; one is "pure" (Memory) and one is "bad" (Illusion). Of course, neither of them are truly "bad" per se.

Fun Fact Number 2: You can tell the order of the Taiyou brothers from oldest to youngest by their hair. Death, the oldest, has the longest and darkest hair. Illusion, who is the middle brother, has medium length and darkness (compared to the other two). And Memory, the youngest, has the shortest and lightest hair of the three. You can also tell Memory and Illusion apart (they are supposed to look near-identical, despite being a year apart. I actually know a few pairs of siblings who are several years apart, but look incredibly alike) by their hair and eyes. Illusion has an ahoge, non-curly hair that is a bit longer and darker than Memory's, and has slanted eyes (or, as I like to call them, Tomoya eyes, because the shape is similar to Tomoya from Clannad), while Memory has no ahoge, has hair that curls up at the back, and his hair is shorter and lighter than Illusion's, and his eyes (irises and lid-shape) are round. Illusion's irises are more oval, like Seven's.

Which brings us to Fun Fact Number Three that may or may not be spoiler-ey depending on how perceptive you are! You can tell the official (canon) couples based on their eyes; the shape of their eyes will match, not accounting for size differences based on gender (girls have larger eyes). This applies to either/both iris shape and/or lid shape. However, you will notice that BOTH Memory and Illusion have eyes that match Seven's in one way. Memory has the same lid shape, but Illusion has the same iris shape! This was done intentionally; THEY ARE BOTH LOVE INTERESTS FOR SEVEN! And, despite the fact that the roughs are in the last chapter and therefore already have the official couple figured out, and the fact that I posted drawings of them together in the past, and that my preference is Seven and Illusion, I can change it anytime, because I'm the author/artist! That means that my prefering Illuseven/Sevlusion means NOTHING!