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Memories and Illusions~ Pg 05

2nd Apr 2013, 3:14 PM in Memories and Illusions~
Memories and Illusions~ Pg 05
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 2nd Apr 2013, 3:14 PM
Believe it or not, the only changes to this page were some minor dialogue changes.

I added the "A few minutes later" box because I accidentally drew Memory with a shirt on.
The "A few minutes later" implies that they put their conversation on hold for Seven to give him a shirt, and presumably some pants.
It doesn't really matter anyway, because these things exist on the next page. (but the next page takes place a few days later)

I changed Memory's dialogue in the second panel, added the "Maybe be with someone else... Someone who... ...actually... ...cares...." to make it more obvious that he's essentially telling her to forget about Illusion and be with him instead.

On the original page, Seven says "Arigatou" (in hiragana and everything) instead of just "Thank you" because I was practicing hiragana at the time I drew that page. I changed it because speaking in hiragana actually comes into play much later (not because the character is specifically speaking Japanese instead of English, but because it symbolizes that character speaking an entirely different language than the rest of them.) So, I changed it to her just saying "Thank you" to avoid confusion later on.

The overall feel of their conversation however, and the Savoryness of the page, is completely unchanged.

I can already hear Savory fans celebrating.