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Music~ Pg 01

11th Apr 2013, 5:13 PM in Music~
Music~ Pg 01
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 11th Apr 2013, 5:13 PM
Interesting tidbit: Seven's song that she is singing here has no tune. When I drew it, I just....wrote in some "Lalala's" for her to sing. If you really must have a tune for it to go to, imagine it being the tune to her lullaby (the link at the top of this journal entry:

I really like this chapter because it gives us a little bit of insight as to what Memory can do, as an Angel, and establishes one of Seven's major interests. Funny thing about Seven's interests though...they are primarily influenced by Memory, and a specific event in this chapter that will be brought up again in chapter eleven. Thankfully, setting up this particular interest (which is quite obviously music) does not take any form of travel.
Seven tends to take Memory a little bit too seriously sometimes....which will bite her in the butt in chapter eleven. Potentially.

Another interesting tidbit: I was stuck, storywise, on this exact page, for several months. I had drawn up to the last panel, and found that I couldn't think of what would happen next. I was stuck with the absolute worst case of writer's/artist's block, when one day, around the time that I posted the coverpage of chapter one (Origen~) I was struck by a sudden inspiration as to how to progress in the story, get myself out of the rut, finally get the character introductions (the insight into their personalities and relationships with one another) finally out of the way (except for little things in later chapters, of course) and finally get the plot rolling.

Unfortunately, major plot happenings still don't happen until the last page of this chapter.