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Music~ Pg 03

16th Apr 2013, 9:29 PM in Music~
Music~ Pg 03
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 16th Apr 2013, 9:29 PM
I really really like how Seven's eyes turned out in panel three. I was originally going to shoot for screentones (since I've had a bunch for about four years now and haven't so much as opened any of them), but since I've never used screentones outside of digitally, I decided it wouldn't be the best idea, so I just went with smudged pencil.
And it turned out perfect.
they are supposed to appear cloudy, and Memory's eyes are supposed to have the multiple pupils (like someone being hypnotized in an old cartoon) because he figured out that he can transfer his memories to other people.
<i>Oh, yeah, Memory and everyone else have powers that apply to their names.</i>
What, did you think that their names only described a certain aspect of them?
I'll make it easy for you, since none of them besides Memory's are explored in the comic:
-Death...well, that one I haven't actually figured out yet. ^^;
-Dawn <i>Inurei</i> can talk to animals. She can understand dogs particularly well.
-<i>Memory</i> can transfer his memories to other people, but he can only transfer things he remembers (so not hidden memories or anything). He can also see other people's memories, including hidden ones (for example: If he read the memories of someone with psychological trauma that hid away painful memories, he would still be able to see those painful memories, even though they don't)
-<i>Illusion</i> can create illusions to fool people. This will probably happen at least one time in Actors.
-Envy can (normally) make any guy fall for her. There are a select few that resist though, like those whose hearts belong to someone else...
-Revenge can come up with near flawless revenge plans that have no potential fallout/backfire.
-Justice can bring about justice easily (for example: If he was a police officer, it would be relatively easy for him to capture a criminal and bring him to justice.)

The fact that they have powers like these (as well as basic magicks like Seven does, such as the cloud manipulation, and their wings are not just for show, this further makes Seven <i>not</i> a Mary Sue!)

Overall, I'm happy with this page.