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18th Apr 2013, 9:24 PM in Music~
Music~ Pg 04
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 18th Apr 2013, 9:24 PM
And here we find the origin of the comic's title.

Oddly enough, the lyrics to the song actually have nothing to do with the comic. Or, the other way around, I guess. Unlike my past attempts at putting comics up here (Painting Flowers and Remembering Sunday), which were fully inspired by the song. I still wanted to tie the song in somehow though. However, to avoid copyright issues, I changed the lyrics somewhat (although the way I sing it is edited anyway; I sing what would essentially be a "radio edit," because the chorus says, forgive my childish wording, the "f" word, which I only ever say when I am really really mad or at ATL concerts. I replace it with a synonym, usually "stupid" or "messed," you know? In "Shameless," specifically, I replace "fucked" with "messed.")

Oh, yeah. It was supposed to be a trio of ATL-inspired comics.

The problem was, I couldn't think of a single ATL song that applied to Seven (because the comic would have taken place parallel to the other two), so that was scrapped, and I decided to do Seven's origin story instead, giving it the title "Shameless," because children are generally very open with their opinions (they don't tend to hesitate to tell you what they are thinking), which some would consider a way of being "shameless." Since Seven is very childlike in personality, she, like many children (not all, of course), is rather blunt and speaks her mind about the silly things that children do. (That is why the comic is called "Shameless;" however there are better examples of how she is shameless later in the comic through some decisions she makes)

But, even so, Seven isn't shameless in the usual sense of the word. She gets embarrassed very easily.

Oddly enough, there are now several songs that I could apply to Seven, but since Painting Flowers and Remembering Sunday were essentially scrapped (although remnants of them will be popping up again during Actors as an arc), there would be no point in coming up with a third story to run parallel to them.

The next page is the final page for this chapter, by the way.