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Illusion~ Pg 06

27th Aug 2013, 9:41 PM in Illusion~
Illusion~ Pg 06
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 27th Aug 2013, 9:41 PM
I love this page. I love it SO MUCH.
In the original roughs, it was one of my favorite pages. In the original roughs, the rain drops gave each panel a gray feel since it was entirely in pencil, and I was kind of sad when inking that I didn't get that effect.
So I picked up my pencil and decided to do something similar to what I did in the beginning of Chapter Five to show that it was nighttime.

For the record, because I forgot to mention this, in-comic it is currently nighttime, on the same day as the events of Chapter Eight. So, Chapter Eight took place in the mid morning, and it is now nighttime of the same day. It is also now raining. Rain = depressing mood = perfect for the Angst chapters.
There's also lots of crying in the Angst chapters lawl.
(why did I just lawl, I'm such a horrible person)

But yeah. You probably can't tell, but the dress in the last panel (that's Seven, of course. Being creepy standing in the rain, apparently) is shaded slightly. It's her usual white dress, but it's supposed to look grayish and wet, so I shaded it somewhat to show that. /effort