Seven's Story


1st Sep 2013, 1:06 PM in Absolutely~
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 1st Sep 2013, 1:06 PM
This cover took FOREVER. But, I am happy with how it turned out.
It certainly looks better than the original cover of Chapter Ten.
So this is the second of the two Angst Chapters, and is Angstiest of all! Yaaaay, angst!
It's also 13 pages long, so one page shorter than chapter 4.
This cover page is kind of depressing to look at *has it out next to me while typing the description*
So that dress is Seven's usual white dress, but it's all wet from the rain so I colored it gray.
The original title for this chapter was "If these Sheets were the States" ( ), but I changed it because I didn't feel that it was a good enough title. SO, instead, I went with what was originally a Savory song (it's on my Savory playlist on my iPod, but not my Illusory/Sevian/Illuseven/Sevlusion playlist (it's just called Sevian, guys. SevenXIan, Ian=Illusion. Sorry for the spoilers that aren't really spoilers).
"Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" by Nine Days! ( ) It's really the perfect song for this chapter, with the lyrics "This is the story of a girl/Who cried a river and drowned the whole world"
I don't know. I've always thought it was a very Savory song though, and not much of an Illusory song, considering Illusion doesn't actually, you know, care about her yet.