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Absolutely~ Pg 01

2nd Sep 2013, 7:17 AM in Absolutely~
Absolutely~ Pg 01
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Author Notes:

Haru Bells 2nd Sep 2013, 7:17 AM
Oh god, I changed soooo much of the dialogue on this page. It was initially a pretty funny page, but I didn't want the mood whiplash, so I decided to keep the angstiness. I suppose you want to know what the original dialogue was...Well, it's still the same amount of speech bubbles, sooooo...

Memory: (shocked) You what?
Illusion: You're the one whose name is "memory." Don't you remember? I walked up to her.

Illusion: Think about it. I'm gonna go find her. *slam*

Memory: Oh yeah...

Illusion: It's raining...Probably good for this burn.
Illusion: She's probably in the tower.

So yeah, I changed a LOT of the dialogue and content of this chapter. For example, Seven gives a "crazy speech" in which she talks rather casually to Illusion (she doesn't mention his name at all) and she automatically assumes that he is the real thing, rather than a figment of her imagination. However, I changed many of the "you's" in her speech (which goes across several pages) to "Taiyou-san's" because that's how she talks to him. (i.e. On page five, she says "But here you are, and now you know," which I changed (as well as the rest of the sentence) to "But here is Taiyou-san, and now Taiyou-san knows about me."), and rather than have her know for sure that he's real, she assumes that he is probably a figment of her imagination (she is aware that she is crazy), because she thinks he hates her. ;__; Illu, why you no love Seven??